Seniors should stay home and isolated to stay safe. Video chats and food delivery apps can be lifesavers. Practicing social distancing can help stop the spread of coronavirus. But that also means you won’t be seeing much of people outside of your household for a while, which could be an issue as well.

How Technology Can Help Seniors in Need

There’s new technology that helps keep us together even when we have to be apart. Not all seniors have an issue using technology, but they are more likely to have trouble more than any other generation. They’re also the people who are more likely to be affected by social isolation, which has a myriad of negative health effects all on its own.

The Centers for Disease Control recommend that seniors stay home as much as possible due to the virus’s higher fatality rate for people ages 60 and above. We asked a few experts about what tech older adults should learn to use to stave off loneliness and stay healthy while ensuring that their needs are met.

Staying in Contact

During these times of isolation, it’s important for seniors to keep up their lines of communication. It’s essential for both their mental and physical health to keep in touch with loved ones.

We’re not only overcoming the coronavirus, but combatting the fear and anxiety of social isolation. It’s important to stay in touch with your loved ones and let them know that they haven’t been cut off or marginalized. Seniors who can navigate a smartphone, can use apps like Facebook Messenger, Skype, and WhatsApp.

Apps that let loved ones to see as well as hear each other, like FaceTime or Skype, have the added bonus of letting you see how stressed your loved one looks and if they’re keeping up their home. An indication of their health, which can provide a lot of insight.

Staying On Top of Groceries

It’s essential for seniors to get their groceries, but there can be an easier way than going to the store. At this point in time it’s a risk for seniors to leave the house to get their groceries because it increases the chance of coming into contact with the virus. Websites and apps allow for seniors to choose their items online and get them delivered to their home.

Food delivery services and mail order pharmacies are a really good idea these days. Websites like Amazon Fresh, Instacart, Fresh Direct, and Peapod are all good ways to order food. Meanwhile, Amazon is prioritizing essential items like household goods and medical supplies to make sure they stay in stock and ship quickly. Most stores have online ordering options these days, too.

(Article courtesy of Fairmont Grand Senior Living.)

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