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There are many ways in which assisted living can enhance the quality of life for seniors. Giving seniors a helping hand to manage their medicine or by organizing social activities. Employees can improve seniors living standards in both big and small ways.

How Does Assisted Living Make Senior’s Lives Easier?

Assisted living can enhance quality of life in a multitude of ways that benefit inhabitants and their families. Residents are supplied with safety, socialization, and a wide variety of amenities to ensure their happiness and comfort. Families get peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are cared for.

The following ways ensure their happiness:

Assisted Living

A Sense of Community

As we age, we typically reduce our social circles and have fewer possibilities for socialization. Assisted living facilities offer a variety of possibilities to connect with others. They provide the individuals who reside in them with immediate community. Isolation and loneliness can have a major adverse effect on one’s health, it’s crucial for elderly individuals to maintain healthy social contacts. Living facilities assisted offer a broad variety of social activities.

A Safe Living Environment

Ageing pitfalls, such as falling can have catastrophic implications. While falls are prevalent in seniors and often result in injuries ranging from a minor inconvenience to fatal, studies indicate that they can be avoided to a large extent. A secure living environment and someone who gives you a hand when you need it and access to assistance are things that may not be as readily available when living at home alone. While individuals may be reluctant to ask for assistance, it can sometimes assist you retain higher independence in the long run by asking for some assistance up front.

Help with Managing Medication

Typically, assisted living staff members help residents manage their medications in a variety of ways. The assisted living facility will operate with the pharmacy of choice, whether it is a mail order service or the corner drugstore. Typically, assisted living facilities contract with an external pharmacy, which makes it easier for the residents. This may include ongoing education sessions and medication audits to verify that a resident independently administers his or her medications.

Quality of Life

Sustaining Everyday Tasks

At assisted living facilities, many routine daily tasks are taken care for you. Aided living facilities typically serve three meals a day. If a resident has unique dietary requirements, such as a necessity for low-fat or low-sugar products, the meals are prepared according to those requirements. Light housekeeping, laundry and transportation are also provided by assisted living facilities.

(Article courtesy of Fairmond Grand Senior Living)

Kelly’s Retirement Homes

Kelly’s Retirement Homes are an Assisted Living Facility that honors and respects our residents and treats them with dignity. We provide the highest possible quality of compassionate care while ensuring each resident’s right to privacy and choice in their daily lives.

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