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Day to day life can come with many stressors, but there are ways to minimize the stress. Creating a foundation of a healthy routine can increase levels of happiness to overcome roadblocks that are thrown your way. If you are able to deal with stress in a positive way then it doesn’t have as big of an impact on you.

Read further to know our top tips for creating a life with more joy and less stress.

Tips for Creating a Stress-Free Life

Follow these ideas for creating a positive life for yourself:

Live in the Now

Being present in the moment creates a sense of thankfulness for what you already have. You begin to pay attention to the details and not think about the future. People tend to live their lives thinking they will be happy when they have this or that, but you can be happy in the now. A way to bring more attention to the present is through meditation. Take a moment to sit and focus on your breath and clear your mind.

Healthy Seniors

Prioritize Well

It can be life changing to prioritize your schedule on level of importance. Taking this time to plan can relieve stress for your future self. Make a choice of what’s most important to get done that day and put it at the top of your priority list. Taking these steps will move you closer to your higher goals and your life purpose.

Healthy Sleeping Schedule

The best way to reduce stress in your life is to get enough sleep. It’s incredibly restorative for your body and a few hours more rest is the happiness equivalent of getting a $60,000 raise. Some tips to getting a better rest are:

Don’t go to bed until you feel sleepy
Get out of bed if you’re not sleeping
Get up at the same time every day
Spend less time in bed

Smile More

Laughing can bring more happiness into your life. It helps relieve tension and releases feel good endorphins, while decreasing stress hormones. Laughing works as a natural pain reliever and brings people together. Share jokes with your loved ones or watch a silly comedy to start smiling and feeling good.

Healthy Seniors

Be Optimistic

By looking on the bright side of life you can increase your health and happiness. Everyday you have a choice of how you perceive things, so why not look at them in a positive way. Your mindset can turn a bad situation into a good one. Altering your perspective to be more optimistic is more important than one’s physical health in determining well-being.
Take Self-care Seriously

If you’re in good shape and eat well your body can handle stress better. The body and mind are connected, so it’s important to design a self-care routine for both. Exercise is a key source in relieving stress, it reduces stress levels and releases feel-good endorphins. Also, maintaining a good diet is ideal for nourishing yourself. What we eat determines how we feel, so eat well.

(Article courtesy of The Victorian Assisted Living)

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