What Is Residential Care?

  • Do you really know what Residential Care is?

    In order to really understand what Residential Care is, you must first understand what it is not! It is not a Nursing Home. It is not appropriate for anyone who is bedfast. Instead, it is a facility which offers personal care services such as meal preparation, housekeeping, laundry services, and medication distribution, activities and staffed 24 hours a day.

  • Who is eligible to live there?

    According to the definition provided by the Health and Senior Services, anyone who can mentally and physically negotiate a path to safety in the event of an emergency is eligible for a Residential Care setting.

  • So who does live there?

    Senior adults needing some assistance with everyday tasks or who like the knowledge of 24 hour staffing. Often, family members are not able to provide this support and find peace of mind knowing their loved one is well cared for.

  • Does it have to be a permanent move?

    No. Many residents choose a Residential Care setting for recovery from an illness or for the cold months of the year. Generally a month to month arrangement is acceptable.

  • How does a residential care facility differ from a nursing home?

    A better question is how are they the same. From the appearance to the type of care, there are very few similarities between the two. All residents of residential care must be physically and mentally capable of negotiating a path to safety in the event of an emergency. In addition, we offer a small cozy environment with a capacity for only 16 senior adults.

  • How do I know the most appropriate level of care for myself or loved one?

    Ask a couple of questions. Does my loved one or myself need more help than is available at home? If a problem should arise, like a fall, is someone there to offer assistance? Is full skilled care necessary to address the issues being encountered? Based on the findings of these questions a picture should begin to emerge as to whether care is needed and the level most appropriate.

  • What if I, or my loved one is reluctant to give up a home?

    We require no long term lease or commitment. Sometimes these things need to be handled in small steps. With our month to month rental agreement, you have the flexibility to try our services to be sure they are compatible to your needs. There is no need to give up your home until you are ready.

  • Why Kelly’s Community versus another Assisted Living facility?

    We are not part of a “Corporate” ownership that views its residents merely as numbers. Our owners take a personal interest in the operations and staffing of our community with a philosophy of treating our residents’ like they are our own parents. What this means for you is the security and the benefit of a small facility. This allows us to offer a homey environment without the worry of financial corporate decisions.

  • What if we do not have a great deal of income to pay for these services?

    Don’t worry. If your income is limited and you may qualify for financial assistance. This makes our services available to almost anyone!

  • How do I find out more about Kelly’s Retirement Homes Communities?

    Stop in and see for yourself! Our door is always open and we would be more than happy to show you around! We look forward to meeting you!

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We serve three daily home cooked meals are in the central dining area.

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