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With so many different options for senior living it can be difficult to make a choice. Senior living communities are expanding to offer a broad array of amenities to make your loved one feel at home.

The quality of life can go up for seniors in senior living because the basic health necessities are included. With high levels of care and amenities you can trust that your loved one will have all their needs covered.

How to Make the Best Decision

Senior living is expanding past just offering basic health offerings and providing residents with more choices. Now facilities are starting to offer diverse health services like memory care, providing these choices offers more support for seniors.

Seniors should be considering a more holistic approach to choosing the community that’s right for them. The focus should be on overall lifestyle choices offered and consider how the community will support the senior’s quality of life.

Quality of Life

Make it Feel Like Home for Your Senior Loved one

Most often families choose a senior living community based on their loved one’s health and finances. These aren’t the only factors that should be taken into account because emotional, mental, and physical well-being should also be determining factors.

A high quality of living doesn’t only mean that a senior’s basic needs are met, but a sense of community that feels like home. Senior living communities are now differentiating and expanding to address the unique needs of their seniors through niche lifestyle options. Seniors can now find communities with lifestyles specific to men’s interests, women’s interests and even those geared to chefs, gardening enthusiast, retired university professors and sports fans.

Give Your Loved One the Best Quality of Life

Many Americans views on aging are closely linked with what can bring them the highest quality of life.

Factors that entail a high quality of life:

  • Absence of distressing physical symptoms
  • Emotional well-being
  • Functional status
  • Participation in and enjoyment of social activities
  • Quality of close interpersonal relationships
  • Satisfaction with medical and financial aspects of health treatments
  • Sexuality, body image, and intimacy

Choosing the right Assisted Living Care

Factors affecting quality of life, like interpersonal relationships, pleasurable and social activities, and sexuality, revolve around a person’s lifestyle. If you’re searching for the best senior living community for yourself or a loved one, consider what quality of life means to you and examine the lifestyle options of each community with this in mind.

You might just find that the senior community that offers a lifestyle that is closely aligned with your own personal preferences will provide you with a higher quality of life.

(Article courtesy of Fairmond Grand Senior Living)

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Kelly’s Retirement Homes are an Assisted Living Facility that honors and respects our residents and treats them with dignity. We provide the highest possible quality of compassionate care while ensuring each resident’s right to privacy and choice in their daily lives.

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