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It’s important to keep a lookout for seniors maintaining their personal hygiene and carrying out daily routines. It can become difficult for seniors to balance all of this while caring for their nutritional needs. We got you covered with a guide to help you through it!

Top 4 Things to Make Seniors Comfortable

Being a caregiver for seniors is rewarding, but it can be difficult at times if they refuse your help. Being forced help can make them feel a lack of dignity, pride, and privacy. Having to make decisions for your loved one regarding their lifestyle can be extremely challenging.

Here are some things to keep in mind to make your loved ones feel more comfortable and safe while you assist them.

1. Keep Them Involved

While assisting a senior it’s important to remember to actively involve them in conversation and the decision making process. This will allow them to feel comfortable and still give them a sense of independence. Conversations can also be used as a relaxing technique in anxious situations, helping them recollect memories and giving them peace of mind.

2. Staying Clean

A bathing schedule for seniors is essential for helping them stay on top of their hygiene. One tip is to have the water ready before bringing the senior to the bathroom. Also, having their towel and clothes ready for them when coming out of the shower or bath can make it a nicer experience for them.

Unfortunately, with age comes lack of control over the bladder. This can lead to seniors using adult diapers, in which you should make sure that they’re comfortable and won’t cause rashes. Changing their diapers regularly, making sure they’re dry – avoiding infections and bedsores.

Other tips are using natural tooth powder or toothpaste to keep their teeth clean and the chemicals away.  If you find it difficult to wash their hair, you can use opt for a dry shampoo that’ll serve the same purpose.

3. Create A Clutter-free Environment

Create a safe and clean environment by ensuring that double-sided tape is used to secure tripping hazards such as rugs, cables, and wires. Tables with pointed edges and creaky chairs should be completely avoided. It is also important to keep the house well-lit, especially in the hallways and washrooms where there are higher chances of falling.

Always make sure that the floors are dry and small household things aren’t left on the floor. It’s a crucial step in assisting the elderly with the right walking aids that support their mobility.

Senior Care

4.Health and Fitness

Depending on your loved one’s physical abilities, they should have a set exercise routine. This could include breathing exercises, yoga, and even Tai-Chi. Everyday involvement in a physical activity can help stabilize their mental and physical health.

Lastly, create a diet plan. Old age requires double the amount of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. All these requirements have to be met in the form of elderly-friendly food. This can include flax seeds, chia seeds, high-protein cereals, and nutrient-rich energy drinks. Including a range of fruits in their diet can also make a huge difference.

(Article courtesy of Reno Valley Senior Living)

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